fast breakfast quotes
dunno, said breadroll. tikilililil oo kop terri hililililili. this went on for a while; perhaps sponge did find a second verse but nobody listened and the lights were off. couch had packed her parcels, bulged her bags and fitted the suitcases. she was ready to go bar sponge, breadroll and block of wood sitting on her. no fat, said sponge. a breadcrust and a washed-out bottle of beer lingered on, the rest had gone home Ė a long time ago. this was the impression last night had given and this morning supported. sponge said: if we do not do it soon, we will be doing it much later which would not be good. tea? let get excited, said block of wood. one day, said block of wood. that is inconvenient, he said. con con con con con con con con con con con con con con, said breadroll. surely there would have been an email, said sponge. piece by piece, said breadroll. theyíve identified me as the ideal candidate, said sponge. now. thatís really it then, is it, said sponge and smirked. god, he's so shallow, so shallow, said block of wood. now. thatís really it then, is it, said sponge and smirked. lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree. 1, 2, 3, 4, said sponge, that's great. i like that. now this is my solo, said block of wood, performance, i, so to speak, hijacked this episode and will not mention sponge. neither breadroll. nor any parallel universe. no mention, not a word, i swear to god. thatís done now. other this and other episodes a morning breeze blew. nothing new. the description of sensations of nature puts a piece of prose in a more natural context. not yet, i haven't worked that bit out, yet, said sponge, i am just counting the minutes of the meeting. in compliance with the latest hr policy i shall start with a rather small number and work my way up, trying to increment in small consecutive steps. i hardly slept a wink last night, said sponge, waking up every blink and odd split second. not much. weíll run around in circles. they sat down.

fast breakfast quotes
make one, said block of wood. he is wet again, said breadroll, now look at this. wants to be sat on. this hour of the day. how was the walk, said breadroll. what, said sponge. so, was that the spanish vanilla tart, i saw there recently, said sponge and, thankyou, as he placed his cup of tea on block of wood. and now, said breadroll, what now? i know, said block of wood, that wasnít nice at all. 5. same applies to discarded words we have to come to terms, said sponge, with that word. question: answer: yes. i hardly slept a wink last night, said sponge, waking up every blink and odd split second. lined up they sat on the kerbstone. me too, said breadroll and rubbed jam stains off, perhaps we jump into the axe like block of wood does. alas, when they arrived at the table, the tea pot did not look a immaculate as they had expected. true, said breadroll, but heís the leader. what a rage yesterday, said block of wood. in vain, as blokk stabbed him with a buttered knife and sponge watered his crust. and, said sponge, what now? three sunk into nothingness. true creativity is obviously only possible in totalitarian political systems where facial expressions can be ordered and body language prescribed. because agreement as an item on the agenda has not been agreed on yet nor has it been agreed on as a matter of fact as expressed by the inclusion of this item agreement in the agenda which ó i mentioned that previously ó should be agreed on prior to any jump to conclusion or any other post-agendrous activity there might be. yes, said block of wood, positive. breadroll told sponge that he was lonely and thus wanted to marry. a french stick would be great, he said, or a delicious danish pastry, all soft and juicy. lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree. mary had a little lamb, said sponge, we are all delighted for her but do hope that next time it'll be a girl. now with joseph joining the circle of the unlicky with a lillte piglet i think we are quite set for another channel. you got a point there, said sponge. any way: mary had a little man. can i pick your brains on that?

fast breakfast quotes
well, that depends, said block of wood. neither is there any other reason, he said. spontaneous. that is the keyword here, breadroll said, most definitely the keyword, as a summary: sponnnn-taneous. soon, said ponge, pretty soon, just read the memo. exactly, said breadroll. o dear o dear, said block of wood, o dear. breadroll, block of wood and sponge went around the building, around and around and around. once again the sun was tired of tirelessly illuminating perpetuous reiterations. pale light was shed on the scene where breadroll, sponge and block of wood had takeb on the challenge of finding the right words for most things. gosh, said sponge, thatís impressive. he doesn't, said sponge. the simulation was set to reach production level by next week. we have to stop missing the title so grossly, said breadroll. it'll be a short week, said sponge, i reckon i'll do the old wet-myself-and-have-people-sit-on-me trick. and that he wanted an easter egg, breadroll said, and now and quick and that there were none, not today, sponge said and hence a big row started, a fierce fight during which blokk managed to whack sponge and breadroll at the same time. will we, said breadroll. is there any coffee left by any chance, said block of wood. dedication to a friend, who makes a straight therapy: he went from being passionate in the desert (no beer, no wine, no liquor while i arose to beer pear juice xxx64 water mineral water kirschwasser wine carrot juice beer mineral water cognac beer champus cough mixture kirschsaft liquor wine likoer champagner) to ordering a cup of tea in a spar with no visible sign of outwardly expressed feelings. he lived happily ever after and promised to ring, should there be any development. a long pause filled the room. as indicated by the verb the three protagonists could hardly fit in. only if he decides to get up and get going, said block of wood. how was the walk, said breadroll. i donít know, said sponge, i am not too sure about the companyís stance in this respect. i shall find out for you once we get there. having agreed, said sponge. that's what you get for being eager, sponge said breadroll who just had stepped into a puddle and looked soaked. a. necessarily new as such and findings, said sponge, obsolete. speaking of which, said sponge, what date is it due.