fast breakfast quotes
approved, said breadroll. if there hadnít been a bowel movement as the sole movement that wouldnít have been a movement at all. naturally, said breadroll, they donít clean up. reporting: to sponge. indeed, said block of wood. but that probably would be too much excitement for a workday. in order to be successfully sat on the diligent sponge has to: so am i, said block of wood. nice ways of putting it, said sponge. doesn't matter, as long as anyone brings cigarettes, said sponge. twinkle, twinkle little star, see me humbling to the bar. this and other songs had been prepared for the grand celebration. block of wood and breadroll quivered with exitement. because it did not have a work permit the little wind was let go and replaced with vending machine. my name is herr brekst and i came to speak to you, said herr brekst and exhaled noisily. he said he was fine when breadroll put the respective question to him. iím fine, perfectly fine, he said, the word are still resounding in my ears, in case anyone would wish to register doubts. needless enterprise, said sponge, who had been delegated for interprose, herr brekst will have to speak to the receptionist. so we did, said sponge. what did you do that for, said sponge. how was the walk, said breadroll. guy from work, said breadroll. and 7 wood wasn't the right club anyway, said breadroll. o-i'm in great form great form. what, said block of wood. yes, said sponge. breadroll and sponge did not answer as they both had a potato in their mouth. well, are we going, said breadroll. the cows are home, the buns are up, sunshine marks the day. butter, said block of wood. a nobrainer, said block of wood. egg salad, said breadroll, traditional.

fast breakfast quotes
breadroll and block of wood stared at sponge while sponge stared at breadroll and block of wood. between staring and counterstaring the void bore a new day. nice ways of putting it, said sponge. a number of fungi have developed ingenious mechanisms for trapping microorganisms, such as amoebas, roundworms known as nematodes, and rotifers, said sponge, after the prey is captured, the fungus penetrates its body. we better watch out and it. the three compagnions started walking in circles. that's two questions, said block of wood. another man came along: same reaction (shook head in disbelief and went). positive. no result. 5,155.82 183,051.14 looking in different directions won't help, said sponge, either, neither me nor you. she pointed at blokk and breadroll who were busy playing a game of golf. they watched breadroll meandering towards hole 3 and plunge himself into it as he did with hole 1, 2, and 4. and you are exactly from whereabouts? in a quick note on his website blokk had announced a state of high emotions and ferocious violence. we figure something out, said sponge. where did you get that from, said block of wood, meeting? they stared at a little piece of gravel right beside the sheep. (this is so stupid, said sponge.) a red stain of jam on a silvery blade of knife pushed breadrolls bewilderment beyond the faith of lord angels. sponge had to soak it in a drink of water to clean the blade and breadroll's nose alike. they spent hours and ages and yarns to discuss the quality of jam. it usually does not work, he said, but it did this time. yeah, was great. sponge. now, when was this sheet updated last, said breadroll. yesterday. email, marked urgent and confidential. block of wood jumped up and down. breadroll, sponge and block of wood leaned back and enjoyed the ride. that deserves a retrospective, said sponge. o head so sore and wounded, said block of wood. twas a good whacking. block of wood here is balling his eyes inside out for breaking silence in two equally sized, however not consecutive pieces, very annoying sight, very unpleasant and noisy;

fast breakfast quotes
and our own competencies, said breadroll. ladies, sponge said, would you mind keeping it down. breadroll, block of wood and i don't have to get up for another 4 minutes. we let one liquid chase the other and finally let them all come together as one, he said (breadroll said sentence which may have been a little bit too long for breadroll at this time in the morning but still somehow fits the pattern and hence was used). i think so too. said sponge, hence i wear fresh boxer shorts every day. utterly acceptable, they said and kept track of their breath to ensure a sound reporting input. letís go. with the flake, said block of wood. so, how long will it be? long? just like that, said herr brekst, amazing. congratulations. did i, said breadroll. you should not have burnt the man, said breadroll. as they are a maturity, said breadroll. sponge, breadroll and block of wood sat on the couch. kekkekkek utuul goh, said breadroll. in the other town a man entered a coffeeshop and ordered tea; but you know yourself. there's always one: one other man, one other coffee, one other inflatable sheep. a plan, sponge said, we've got to think. a. useful neither said breadroll, but they do wear them during papal funerals and virginal funferalls. riiiiiitiiiiiiii kok utuul waaaaah. now we should find a nation, said breadroll, in need of an anthem. a puppet state or a banana republic. they should be interested enough. what do you think? is he still asleep, said sponge. when police and fire brigade had gained access to the flat they found sponge sitting on a couch, on a plate before him block of wood stuffed into breadroll. nothing we will do today, absolutely and entirely nothing, said breadroll. that's surprising now. wasn't really in the forecast at all. mo (sponge) said: how long is this scheduled to go on for? extremely late?