fast breakfast quotes
i've got mail, said sponge. breadroll carefully and very diligently chewed a piece of bun until it was mere pulp in his mouth, sweet and creamy by the way but not quite as creamy as the cocktail, cheese i tellya that cock lost its tail for a reason, bench, the item they had not heard of in a while had consumed the other night, and spat. hasty sun beams passed. you donít use that question thingy very often, said breadroll. excitement, said breadroll. gosh, we didnít notice you, said sponge. what, said sponge. herr brekst sat on a chair, and so did sponge; breadroll and block of wood were nowhere to be seen. we donít want heads to hurt, said block of wood. block of wood proceeded to purchase a can of coke. anyway, said sponge, did you all have a great weekend? after the break, said the driver. silence. i was reborn and i did not want to, was happy and all quiet, said silence, but there was a shortage, someone called in sick and a poor soul was needed so here i am with the 3 ó things again. there are flakes in your bowl and there are flakes on my head, said breadroll, but i don't care for i'm a bread. shall we open it, said breadroll. fair enough, said breadroll weíll continue some other time. as the fresh start was specked and spickled, said sponge, mainly by difficulties i encountered myself Ö this is getting sophisticated now, said sponge, and smiling a grin. however, said block of wood, we should hurry. no theyíre not. not at all they are, said sponge. excellent, said blokk. a lonely breeze whistled around the corner. thatís not it, said block of wood. bottom line is, said sponge, weíre still stuck here at this corner. even italian? to have a good start in the day they decided to review the layout of the breakfast items on the breakfast table.

fast breakfast quotes
he did not forget it, said breadroll. i think we got it quite well there, said block of wood, back then. i thought we had a report there as well, said breadroll. three protagonists looking melancholic. said breadroll. this poetry thing could work, said sponge and whistled covering silence, it could work you know, mary had a little van, but what does she do with it, a van, there must be something. feed me, said the spreadsheet. lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree. they were looking forward to an entire day spent laughing and talking about the little lapse. jolly joe, said breadroll, thatís a bit of astory in the paper there. apparently the minister knew all about it all the time. as the fresh start was specked and spickled, said sponge, mainly by difficulties i encountered myself Ö we need a plot if this is to be going to work out - for us and for our visitors, said sponge. 1,005.80 1,572.45 define what, said block of wood. that was subject to discussion a while ago, actually, they said. could you pass me tyhe butter, said breadroll. yes, said sponge, budget is tight. o-i'm in great form great form. terms and conditions, said sponge, as and/or if applicable apply. naturally. do i have to ask again, said sponge. no, said block of wood, he's with a strawberry cheese cake, i saw them. breadroll: positive. yes please, said sponge. sure? looks like it, said breadroll. not? anyway, said sponge, did you all have a great weekend?

fast breakfast quotes
today we kill 2 birds with 1 stone, said sponge. the latest thing in inter-communications, said sponge, is to choose words randomly from a pool of predefined words. flat fat feeble, for example. right. but how do we proceed, said sponge. is there a plan? three walked down the road in order to consume conditioned air. block of wood: caemuo ii amvuyri xl. we should poke eachother in the eye, said blokk, to celebrate the event. guys, said sponge, where is your team spirit. i shall impersonate a marble statue today, said breadroll. persistence is the prime quality, said sponge, of th process-oriented administrator. a man whoís profession it was to chop off, transport and sell christmas trees was load sugar in his cup by the spoon. now after clarifying where we stand could we please bloody well proceed with the blooming week then, said sponge. letís go. are we supposed to, said block of wood. sugar please, said block of wood. this is a flat day, even the ceiling does not rise to any decent level and remains too low to accomodate the three as scheduled. a tribunal, said sponge. we need a plot, said sponge, if this is supposed to work we need a plot. note: patience is the spongeís ally and virtue and is rewarded with the uplifting sight of a moist to wet posterior. so, any new about coming to terms with the words and stuff? 5,155.82 183,051.14 where, said breadroll. i can see what you mean, said block of wood. they positioned themselves around the table which was not round but had rounded corners (isnít that a contradiction in terms, breadroll will remark at some point in the near future, however, in a different context but nevertheless we thought it would be worth mentioning it.) to speed things up we'll have just a bun to start with, said breadroll, and the tart smiled a cheesy grin. my arse, said block of wood, your old days. sponge, breadroll and block of wood did exercise to open their meridians.