fast breakfast quotes
clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean, said breadroll, on whom the the innovative power of sponge had made an impression. yes, said sponge. why don't you turn it on, said breadroll. will you keep me in the loop, said sponge, wet and porous, all beefed up. tea anyone, said block of wood. we should actually, said block of wood, tea anyone? look at this nutshell, herr brekst said, itís all hollow. thatís what people mean when they say ... when you say there was a chance, said sponge, how much of a chance is it? youíre not serious, said breadroll. obviously. process yes, said block of wood. noway. really, said sponge, thatís amazing. olden days, said sponge. agree, so shallow, said breadroll. the, said breadroll, jam impact. we have to, said sponge. is he still asleep, said sponge. feedback Ė asked for and provided: no. ladies, sponge said, would you mind keeping it down. breadroll, block of wood and i don't have to get up for another 4 minutes. every day, said sponge. nah, said block of wood, tomorrow is another day, isn't it. soso sono sing a song a sing sang painfully obvious. he had a stern and driven expression in his face. finally somebody who knows what he's talking about, said sponge. there are no trains on weekends, said the hole in the window with a man behind it, no trains at all, and we have decided it's the weekend as of now, so there'll be no trains.

fast breakfast quotes
do you think the answer is on the spreadsheet, breadroll said to sponge, pointing at the spreadsheet and holding off block of wood wanting to hump his leg. ages, said block of wood. alright, said sponge, but that was yesterday. be it, the chorus of a wellknown song frequently aired on the radio. that's a shame, the other two said, we shall whack you then and proceed to some word processing. the end of this story is something to blame the government as well: innovation, said sponge. feathers, said breadroll. no, said block of wood. he poured a cup of tea. see me doing that, he said, that clearly shows what i mean. hot an steamy. thatís what we should aggressively go for. impressive lacks excitement, focus, team spirit. on the one hand they did not feel like getting up; on the other they had no intention. probably, said sponge, with or without silly puns. just have a look. what, said breadroll. i see, said block of wood, brll. still not released, said breadroll, i wonder what happened to yesterday's word of the day. however, everybody felt the same way and eventually they ended up hugging each other. there's an issue, said sponge, and we identified it. we should discuss it. because it demanded constant attention, BEND DOWN AND SCRUB THE FLOOR. maybe we should do something with eggs, said sponge. the cold, empty spreadsheet of bleakness appeared on the screen. the man is closing up the sheep, said breadroll, fair enough i suppose. he has been here for quite a while. it does have nice chocolate in it, said breadroll. i think, said sponge, they come from the centre of excellence. complex process though. say it again, said sponge. breadroll refused to. he argued his case, made the point visible. end of story. plenty, said breadroll. yeah, was great.

fast breakfast quotes
lights off. bus stop sounds. applause. positive reviews. no can do, said block of wood, the policy requires full attention in the event of pre-reviewal brain storms. rather than marching the frogs, said blokk, we should pump them full of air and step of them. why not, said breadroll. can't hear you. the line. not much, said breadroll, i asked for a tribunal. no. you. the power of your gifts would have startled the most advanced electricians (operators) the ?, said block of wood. now that is a completely different matter, he said. you may want to be very careful when stirring it. a delicate thing to do. do we have to have this every day, said breadroll. those stories, said block of wood. sometimes i wonder, said sponge, whether a circle is really the appropriate figure to display continuity in excellence. who is he anyway? effictive seems to be the right word to use, said block of wood, right thing to say. breadroll did not answer. weíre all fine, said breadroll. was he away, said block of wood. did you, said breadroll, see the red socks of the cardinals? three sunk into nothingness. 3.) i wasnít finished, said sponge, not quite. or quire as you may type when you happen to be in a hurry; now go and shit yourself, you sissy. a dispute had arisen over the correct term to use when referring to matutinal winds. are we supposed to, said block of wood. a long pause. 1.) i feckin knew this moment would come, said sponge and was glad to have made a point. it makes all the difference, he said, all the diferrence and all the differennce as well. no matter how you spell it. it always will be the same. xsake. to annouce whatever happened, said block of wood.