fast breakfast quotes
but he's still asleep, said breadroll, by the looks of it. elle a chaude au cul, he said. no, said block of wood, i meant do you really do all the talking. you know? who wants that. hurting heads. head hurt all the time: on buses, in meetings, on men cycling doen the road, on women, too, although they tend to exaggerate. they stared at the ground where a beetle was mounting a bug. those stories, said block of wood. the way, said sponge, did not turn out to be as bendy as we anticipated, we should adjust our forecast, and generally speaking we are making good progress… we are brilliant with the old paper clip, said breadroll. i usually get depressed, said breadroll, usually, not always though. commercials just get to me. we have to come to terms, said sponge, with that word. what's up. completely forgot to comment on yesterday’s sunrise. said sponge. sponge was a little bit envious as the pills his two colleagues had to swallow due to the most recent poetry incident seemed to be a rather pleasureful pieces of medication. larry (breadroll) wanted to think (reflect on or off) a thought (inspiration, idea, remark) but refrained from doing so. because it demanded constant attention, i repeat thus i am, said sponge, i shall repeat this some time. where is block of wood? still on the loo loo loo? what shall we do with him? those tribes are so 20th century, said silence, mimicing is it these days, as in me and youscum. clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean clean, said breadroll, on whom the the innovative power of sponge had made an impression. no it isn't. to sit beside stem and stone in the meeting, breadroll had asked for after he had replied to the meeting request. that was the brief summary of a short dialog on the fact that the three were locked out. essential maintenance, it was said but who would believe that for a minute. trullalulalallalu. a song is a way to start the day. no you can't, said breadroll, there is no policy for that. he was all set and so were breadroll and block of wood. can you say less in less words? they can, said sponge, now, just do it.

fast breakfast quotes
yes, said sponge, what about it? they can’t, said breadroll, it all printed. i am sorry, the man said, and i do wish you to accept my deepest apologies. (things like this can go on forever; we skip bits about driveling idiots and fastforward until we hear sponge saying: ah-go on, just do it). i think we went too far, said sponge. exactly, nor any other, said sponge. that's what we've been discussing, said breadroll, i should have cc-ed you in. block of wood accepted the explanation, however, in a parallel world blokk (known as) slashed breadroll with a knife (the most suitable tool for the specific task) to apply lashings of butter and jam and later ask for further clarification. gone for a walk, said breadroll. the one where we were struggling to make a connection, said block of wood. tea, said sponge. confined to a small compartment beside the cupboard our 3 friends and breakfasters, protagonists of the famous and favourite fast breakfast breaks had time to think and neither coffee nor tea, let alone jouice, in plentiful supplies. have we come to a conclusion, said breadroll, and if so, what is it and would it be helpful for the process of coming to a decision? 1. thoroughly wet himself outlook, said block of wood, tco and btl. the world stood still in glo and rwy, said sponge, we should draft a report on that. we are taking the train and that's all there is to it, said blokk and whacked breadroll with a candle stick. on the wall in a row they were lined up, and sponge said he was glad that a frame had eventually been set. breadroll bathed in margarine. finally a final decision was made. i see, said breadroll. those tribes are so 20th century, said silence, mimicing is it these days, as in me and youscum. no, not really, i'm a bit surprised myself to be honest. very surprising. breadroll and block of wood said, they liked his commitment and loved his determination but the line was there in the script, a fact they — unfortunately — could not change. of hell, said block of wood. and there, said block of wood, is tea.

fast breakfast quotes
not licensed, sponge said, and his words stood beside the corner like a block of marble stone for the 3 to sit on. earlier this morning sponge had said that their hats may look rather silly, but this aspect had not yet been fully discussed and considered. the next day, by definition; the sun shone. yes, said sponge, the yes. we should actually, said block of wood, tea anyone? i'd be quite happy with some toast, said block of wood. that's surprising now. wasn't really in the forecast at all. and jives and jones, said sponge. there has to be something to do, said sponge, something with a meaning and a bit of purpose on top of top or even on the side, a few tables to populate, a few appointments to discuss, whatever meeting is there to be held and requirements to be met, i and we will hold and meet. tomorrow, said sponge, i heard something in that direction. then again, i could be terribly wrong, my ears are asymmetrical. the instructions in this respect are rather unclear. meanwhile, in the other office, something else happened. something utterly unexciting breadroll, sponge and block of wood were completely unaware of. a simple but effective solution [search terms: glory, centre, excellence, possible promotion, being earmarked for a]. you’ve woken up. congratulate yourself. not much, said breadroll, we just try to get ahead of things. i know, said block of wood with the faint smile of somebody who has had an idea just in this instance and is about to share it with friends, we set the table on top of things as that is what we are. it is indeed, said sponge. a sudden involuntary movement: breadroll passed the paper on to block of wood. that’s a start, he said. it is not really a bad type of an idea, i must say, said sponge, we should discuss it in the meeting. that is usually the case, said breadroll, or at least almost always. when, said block of wood. danish pastry goes stale very quickly said sponge and continued to soak up tea and make funny noises. could you pass me a drop of milk, please. the word of the day, said sponge, just came through, it is very embarrasing and won't be revealed until tomorrow. they have to do some tweaking there. some editing as we go along i suppose. in the meantime sponge and block of wood enjoyed a little cup. the loop reaches the, said block of wood, 3rd corner. lights on, gradually. chair, table, yucca tree.