the irish dadaist


DaDa does not originate in Ireland, on the contrary, it used to be a rather continental matter.

However, it was imported during the years when the banana ripening industry in Ireland had its marvellous boom.

for further Information on the process of banana ripening see: Biochem. J. (2000) 352, 875-882 - W. L. Turner and W. C. Plaxton - Banana fruit cytosolic pyruvate kinase

DaDa oozed out of the skins of these crooked fruits that arrived green on the grassy island and left in a state of pale yellow.
These were the happy days, the good ol'time. The blessed bed in which the seeds fell, in which they sprouted and grew.

People lived a simple but happy live when the dada flower filled the country with its fragrance the bright colours started to enlighten ev'ry home.

Fatbread first thing in the morning, a soft piece of toast, never toasted, soft it must be, with fat thickly spread on it.
Fat, to wax the soul and grease the throat. Speech then will come and pints will flow down even quicker.

Sean O'Doherty, the famous poet, wrote these lovely word in his story A traditional Wake-up meal for me which was recently published in a local newspaper.
It is a heart warming story, revoking these golden days of the banana ripening boom when men were men and the bananas were rightly placed in the Republic. William Pomeroy, in People's Weekly World 29 March 1997

British people were stunned at the end of January by the publication of a study by a economics research body showing that The Republic of Ireland has now leaped ahead of Britain in national per person, standing at €10 higher per head the report confounds the image that xenophobic Britons have long pinned on Irish people made the butt of jokes about ignorant yokels or bog-trotters Ireland's gross had a growth rate for the fourth successive year coincided with the great Victorian boom in Britain needing armies of unskilled labor for building railways road canals in Ireland is a break with that past most important has been a loosening of the tie of reliance on Britain in favour of broader ties with the European most persistent stereotype of Ireland has been of a backward poverty-stricken agricultural country from which vast waves of uneducated unskilled capitalist drive it did not rely on an assault on trade union rights and worker living standards as Thatcherite Tory rule was then pursuing in Britain an emphasis on job creation and on relating with the unions as "social partners" minimized conflict although the attitude of unions seems to be a temporary wait-and-see truce and the proportion of people living below the poverty

Today customers require freshness and convenience which Superman provides by delivering 'Superfresh'
Connolly's fresh mushroom operation typifies the quest for freshness mushrooms are delivered onto retail shelves within hours of being picked

mushroomslocated in the foothills of the Cooley mountains Tara's mushroom farm is ultra modern and the first mushroom production farm in Ireland to receive the Q mark

Pearse's also have approx. 150 acres of orchards, glasshouses and specifically designed banana ripening rooms

this blending of state of the art horticultural technology and nature enables Grandcanaldock's to provide it's customers with the freshest tastiest produce all the time.
Lansdowne's Q.C. department works hand in hand with their specialist growers many of Ireland's best grown fruit and vegetables are harvested twice daily so that when they arrive on the Superman shelf they are not just fresh but 'Superfresh'

Britons may merchants but by no means they are dadaists


Banana ripening thoroughly formed the country.

A LOT TO DO, MORE DONE... the Dadaist's yell from ev'ry roof and ev'ry corner, ev'ry bus and ev'ry house.
The Dadaist is a public matter. He is a man of the people and the people are his. He is the talk in pubs and talks in public. The people are his seam and his stress, his boot and his loot.
Shameless he is and has to be.

That is him,

the dadaïste