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Thinking of tradition what first comes to mind is

Traditional Homemade Soup

Ireland has great tradition of tradition, ev'rything is tradition or, to use the adjective in order to maintain grammatical diversity, traditional.

The soup, traditionally homemade, is usually accompanied by brown bread which in most cases is not homemade but traditionally brown.
The bread, however, although not traditionally homemade - made in a shop or in a factory if the baker is doing well for himself - is prepared by bakers who themselves are traditional - mainly, as we assume, in the way the make the bread and the way they make it brown.

Usual soup which the making of was an accustomed task for the time-honoured pub cook was steaming in a bowl on the table were I sat while the folk fiddle's sharp squeal made me shiver no conventional pint could calm me down wind down the strings of my nerves a tense and strung as the fiddle's string nor could it the rather unconventional 10 grams of vodka to knock back my companion suggested.
When a girl started singing this customary song thing did not get better on the contrary smitten and worn I sat in front of the usual soup that stared at me obscenely with its bleak pale shimmery fatty eyes murmuring your institution is your past the lore source of your rotten so well established on this wooden chair of ash and beech that should be smacked across your face a thousand times and more your tweedy twit your pit's getting warm as I'm getting cold the old way of ex- and interchange though not in your favour this time stoopid.
The girl was singing the oral song with a pins'n'needles voice transmitted by a microphone as it seemed and multiplied and enhanced and boosted and blasted by transistors fixed in a little black box a hearty gulp from the pint glass all in sudden seemed to help but only seemed since a sodden taste on the gum and sour sensations acidic burns resulted.
Knocking back vodka still was an option although folklore demanded Cork Dry or Plymouth Dry which the publican an institution in town indeed both of had stocked plenty of wisely foreseeing conditions as mine the ritual of dragging oneself to the bar and faintly ordering a measure or two of the lore crystal clear was well known and seemingly expected judging by the eager looks of the staff and the mischievous glare in their eyes.
custom customs folklore habit institution ritual lore praxis convention usage --->
a tradition is a custom or belief that has existed for a long time without changing. eg ...Britain's long tradition of political independence...I was not going to keep up the family tradition...We must have respect for tradition
accustomed customary ancestral conventional customary established long-established time-honoured transmitted fixed folk historic old oral unwritten usual --->
traditional customs or beliefs have existed for a long time without changing. eg ...the bride is dressed in traditional costume...women are questioning their traditional role in society, as brides and mothers
main entry: tra·di·tion
pronunciation: tr&-'di-sh&n
function: noun
etymology: Middle English tradicioun, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French tradition, from Latin tradition-, traditio action of handing over, tradition -- more at TREASON
date: 14th century

1 : an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom)
2 : the handing down of information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction
3 : cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and institutions
4 : characteristic manner, method, or style - tra·di·tion·al /-'dish-n&l, -'di-sh&-n&l/ adjective
- tra·di·tion·al·ly adverb
- tra·di·tion·less /-'di-sh&n-l&s/ adjective
The drumboy obviously had to join in with a silly grin on his face that revealed nothing good and left worse to hope for me poor me when he drummed his way evil through the accustomed song.
Little to hope and less to expect poor me with my glass so void and dry so bleak and blaring as the riitual song I sat on my bottocks faintly glazing at faint memories while the ritual song still the same went on in eternity and on for a little bit longer.
The once rather unconventional 10 centilitres of vodka now were lore praxis as the convention slapped sounds and voices across my face and in my ear clear mind unwind and conscience well finely refined and once more the glass and down another.
Silence. Closing hour. Last orders missed.

Tradition roams everywhere and hoists its flag under every toenail.

Traditional egg salad is on display, right beside the traditional potato salad and not far from traditional sausages which people with a conscience for tradition may wrap in traditional bacon.
People will appear in television shows and proudly announce - filled up with it to the brim - their pride of being able to produce traditional foods which so much are part of their great history. They tell how traditional people always through the centuries used to slop and slap ingredients in a big bowl such as eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise and cream (traditional egg salad), potatoes and mayonnaise (traditional potato salad), saw dust, lard and unsightly body parts of pigs (traditional sausages).

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Tra-raa, spiketh the jester, in addition to this coalition of lard, breag and colon, I carry my soul on to eggs and legs of Chicken Licken ...